About Us

The LSUS Weightlifting Club is located on the LSU Shreveport Campus in the Health and Physical Education Building. The program was originally started over 17 years ago by Head Coach Dr. Kyle Pierce. The program is free for local youth to learn and compete in the sport of Weightlifting. As our program grows so does our number of competitive lifters from around the country with experience ranging from local events to the Olympics. Our primary goal is to train elite athletes to compete at the national and international level.

Attending LSUS 

These are a few links that will provide information about attending LSUS:

LSUS site: http://www.lsus.edu/

LSUS catalog: http://www.lsus.edu/Documents/LSUS-Catalog2014.pdf

Out-of-state tuition for 15+ hours is currently $8,733.00. In-state tuition for 15+ hours is currently $3,179.76. Weightlifters pay in-state tuition

University Housing: http://www.universitycourtlsus.com/

A 10% discout is available to LSUS Weightlifters

LSUS Training Facilities

15 platforms 

3 additional platforms in separate room for weight training

Full access to the training room and a Certified Athletic Trainer 

Ice plunge and sauna